Hi my name is Jordy de Waal. I’m a 20 year old 3D artist from the Netherlands and this is my portfolio. In my portfolio you can find a lot of diversity from realistic and stylized environments/props to realistic and stylized characters. I’m always trying to learn new things about 3D art in my spare time.

I’m super interested in new projects. When I work on a new project I always try to look if I can learn something new from the project, thats why im always up for a challenge!
I’m mostly interested in games but I also have experience in other industries like making VR experiences, Modelling and texturing for VFX companies and much more. I also have experience in working in teams. I like working in teams because brainstorming and problem solving with people is something I really like! and ofcourse working in a team gives you benefits like giving and receiving feedback and that's something I’m always open for!

So are you looking for a versatile, independent, and driven 3D artist for your project or company? Then please contact me by sending me a email at jordydewaal.gameartist@gmail.com
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